NZ Appearances (March 2018)

March 5: New Plymouth, Puke Airiki. 5.30pm.

March 6: New Pymouth, Puke Airiki (workshop), Time TBC.

March 10: Wellington, NZ Festival Club. 1,15pm.

March 13: Christchurch, Space Academy. 7.30pm.


More information (times and venues) coming in the new year!



Talking about Laphroaig:


Thank You

Harry Giles appears with the support of the British Council in partnership with Writers’ Centre Norwich, UK as part of the International Literature Showcase.

Harry Giles

March 2018


Harry Giles is a performer, poet and, in the author’s words, ‘a general doer of things’. They grew up in Orkney, Scotland and now lives in Edinburgh. ‘I make art about protest and protest about art and write about anything… my work generally happens in the crunchy places where performance and politics get muddled up.’


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